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      Darmowy exp boost x4!   16.02.2018

      Nie kupujcie tygodniowego Exp boosta. W przyszłym tygodniu od 18:00 w piątek do 18:00 w sobotę wszyscy gracze będą mogli skorzystać z darmowego exp boosta x4! 
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[EU/NA] <Clarity> 25 Man - Efficient Clears (Angrathar)

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About <Clarity>

<Clarity> is a English language based 25 man raiding guild that exists to clear content in the most time efficient manner. We at <Clarity> know that you have a life: maybe you have classes, a job, kids... but you still want to play World of Warcraft at a high level. <Clarity> seeks to provide a home for those who want to raid with other experienced, like minded players that can clear the highest levels of WOTLK content in the most efficient manner possible. 

Raid Days/Times

Clarity seeks to raid two days a week, Monday/Wednesday.

Raid times are currently being discussed however the most likely candidate is: 19:00 ST (GMT +1). For NA players that is 10:00AM PST, 12:00PM CST, 1:00PM EST. 

Raid length will be 3-4 hours (dependent on the level of buffs on the content at launch).


Please fill out this Google Form:

<Clarity> seeks active, intelligent and most of all attentive players for our raids. While some WOTLK experience is great, what <Clarity> is looking for is dedicated players willing to adapt, learn and overcome their weaknesses. As mentioned above, we all have lives to attend to. When we play World of Warcraft we want it to be an efficient, fun and meaningful experience. 

If you have any questions, please message me directly on the forums... or fill out the google document or contact me on Discord (Chad).

Thank you!

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