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QUEST BUG [The Battle for Undercity]

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The questline finisher called; The battle for Undercity can't be completed. The reason why so is that when the quest is started, the first segment of it goes well (Sanctuary), but after that it gets broken. After the first boss which is called Blight Apperation dies, Sylvanas starts bugging. She starts attacking the mobs in the courtyard that cant be attacked by you and this makes her to fall behind and not follow Thrall. Normally this would not be a problem if Sylvanas would not be important, but there is one thing that she does, she heals. Sylvanas staying behind causes Thrall to die because he cant be healed, making the quest unable to be done.



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Riw    41

Hello Nikate,

this is forum of the dead realm Feronis, You should post on Angrathar forum.

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