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  1. bongo_bg

    Here in Feronis?!
  2. bongo_bg

    @Damaz, I have no idea what greed for money you're talking about but the second realms is something very important that should've happened even before our NC accounts were transfered. You don't see a reason for it as the Polish people know English, but have you ever tried to find a guild, arena partner/team with only English? Or try communicate in BG? I barely manage to complete RDF with English only. Do you see all the reports for bahavior against the EN players? Maybe they know English, maybe they refuse to use it on purpose, maybe some of the players do not know it at all, whatever the reason is, being an EN player in Feronis is damn hard. This new realm is a chance for all of us to be equal. I'll keep play in Feronis of course, but if the new realm grows healthy pop I'll gladly play international.
  3. bongo_bg

    I checked "yes" but I'm not a Polish player. : )
  4. bongo_bg

    First of all Happy New Year to you guys! May 2018 bring you many epics and crits! We kind of settled this, ye, but I can't quite understand your final trinket choice. Speaking of no haste cap I assume you'd take both DFO and CTS? I respect your 'no haste cap' strategy but I wouldn't go for that with max gear and ~1400 haste. Just a personal choice. You're wrong about MF cast time though: 1400 haste - MF cast time 2.1024s 1500 haste - MF cast time 2.0584s For VT the difference is 1.0512s and 1.0292s. Doubling haste trinket reduces MF by ~0.04s and VT by ~0.02s which is actually less than my latency. While PotNL is almost 4% critical passivly. I'm not arguing about haste not getting useful, I'm just saying it's not that useful anymore. We calculate haste as 0.98 PP and I do not know the exact number after 1400 haste but it's lower for sure. I think even lower than 0.76 but actually just 0.90 is enough to be worse than PotNL. P.S. - VT duration on 1400 haste is 10.5119s and on 1500 haste - 10.2919s.
  5. bongo_bg

    Exactly my point Adwena. I have 4300 Achievment Points, 13 exalted reputations, 1700 completed quests etc. which is totally not a lot but given the time frame between work and family - it is a lot to me. I've grinded several mounts with drop chance 0.1% and I can keep listing until tomorrow but there is not really a point to do that. And the same here - none of my guildies or my irl friends i play with will switch to the new realm. Who would, given the circumstences? Btw my ex-NC guild is Alliance here right now but I don't think they play a lot. Horde side - yes, 3 guilds remaining as far as i know. We do have 25+ on raid night but with the new realm opening we will slowly start dying. Then I have no idea what to do. I really have no idea why people insist on this x1 leveling XP rate. I mean... After all these years... everyone has leveled more than 10 characters and I can't find any reason what so ever to relive it again. I know every freaking Q and route for each horde race. It's nothing more but boring and brings no satisfactions at all. I remember the poll pre-NC-release and i70 won big time with the only reason there was not i80 option. Here people are still voting for x1 rate 1-80. I have no explanation on this.
  6. bongo_bg

    Hello dear team! I do not know exactly how many international players are still playing on Feronis but in my opinion we're something around 200 active accounts. Mostly Northcraft refugees with transfered characters here. The hype for these news was huge and so is the dissappointment now. From what I've read so far on forum and reddit it appears that most likely the new realm rates are going to be 1x and the available transfer will be only Angrathar --> Feronis and not the other way around. Now... what does this mean for us? By us I mean the EN speaking leftovers in Feronis. We stay and keep playing in Feronis even when the EN speaking players drop down to ~100 after the new realm opening. The dropping is inevitable due to many reasons. Feronis will slighly become pure Polish realm. We throw away everything we achieved for the past almost half year and we move to Angrathar for "the road to 80 for the ~30th time in my life". Please try to understand our point of view. You're creating this realm for all the newcommers from all the around the world. You keep the old realm for all the PL players which call Feronis a home. And what about us? Where is our place? According to something I read a little earlier today: appears our home should be Angrathar. OK, I don't mind. But forcing me to leave my character behind after all the months I've invested in it... well... it's just wrong. And I'm not talking about the level itself but all the other things which are way more time consuming than the leveling. I'm talking about reputations, proffessions + recipes, achievments, quests and so on and so on. And do you expect us all to start to that again? All over again from scratch? I might eventually do after I get bored from life in general but none of my friends and guildies will. Just zero. I know what the options are from your side. You won't ever make the realm i80 which is pretty much the only way to make us start playing there. You cannot freely open a transfer option because hundreds of player would want to 'check it out' and the content difference would be an issue. So I'm asking the only thing at least sounding possible and doable. Let us transfer if we want. You already had such filtered DB merging. Just copy our characters there and take away our Dungeon and Raid & Realm Firsts! achievments + all the epic gear. Of course all that after all the RFs are taken there. I know I write "just" as it's very easy. I know it isn't. But otherwise I see no future in WoW at all. P.S. I can't believe I even started an alt which is level 66 now 2 months later playing mostly on increased rates + 5 Heirlooms.
  7. bongo_bg

    Ok, I read a bit here and there... turns out indeed PotNL has 90s ICD which is very weird why all the private servers databases are telling me 1m. This is ridiculous mistake or it probably will be bugged with 1m only which will be awesome for us! For DFO and CTS I did mistake with the ICD math, ye, wrong copy/paste. Makes me look stupid. Still you miss very important and viable part in your calculations. You use ICD flat and don't assume the proc chance. I tried to explain - I used 72s because first i copied the wrong formula with 60s ICD and then you add the avarage 12 seconds to proc it. 10% proc is 10 casts. You can't assume that the trinket will proc everytime on the 46th second. Avarage 10 casts to proc is around 12 seconds with that amount of haste (avarage ilvl 251-264). So you devide the sp by 45+12. The benefit of PotNL is way bigger here due to the 30% proc from DoT damage. This means avarage proc 3.3s after the ICD with total of 93.3s. Final true calculation (I hope I wont mess up again! ): 172 x 0.76 + 1207 x 20 / 93.33 = 130.72 + 258.65 = 389.37 PP 170 x 0.98 + 665.5 x 20 / 57 = 166.6 + 233.51 = 400.11 PP 184 x 0.98 + 861 x 15 / 57 = 180.32 + 226.58 = 406.90 PP Very close numbers. And as I said in the first post - haste do have a cap. I agree it is still usefull but not 0.98 and probably lower than 0.76. Crit does not have a cap. With only ~10pp difference I'd preffer PotNL before second haste trinket. And for the haste one... Well, sorry but I'd still got CTS... Passive bonus > proc bonus but that's my personal choice. Good luck with your roll as well! I'm not sure where /roll or loot council has higher chances for me. If its drop chances are like Reign of Dead's I'm screwed. It's been 3 month and we have 0% drop in the guild. A freakin' 0%. I haven't missed a single week! Cheers @Wonszo! Edit: Haste's value is dropping through latency + reaction. Don't forget that. At these haste levels 1300-1500 + BL/Hero having ~60ms latency + your finger spam frequency will be like probably 1200 haste. I don't know if you use the Quartz addon - it has very useful feature to show you what portion of your cast bar is latency and it has gcd bar as well. Kind of helps to deal with the above 2 factors.
  8. bongo_bg Effect #1 Apply Aura: Proc Trigger Spell Proc chance: 30% 1 min cooldown Plus most of procs in WotLK has ICD 3 times the duration. 3x 20 = 60s. Edit: Different DB: - same Even if it is indeed 90s the PP becomes 389.46 which is still the most of all.
  9. bongo_bg

    Hello to both of you and I’m very very glad this turned into a discussion! @Stoopro2, it’s not very complicated math to reach that conclusion. I’ll get to that as explaining it to Wonszo. @Wonszo, thanks mate for your 2 cents! I pay and raise by 2! The talents we’re discussing here are, let’s say, Tier 3 talents which will not affect your performance and it’s up to a personal choice. There is no really a point for deep investigations because at the end you’ll most gain something like 10 dps tops. Post Anub’arak probably Impr. VE is indeed better but I’d do the remaining 3 points to Impr. MB. I’ll never use Shadow Affinity because I simply don’t get aggro even on 10-mans. The healers does more threat, the casters, even the rogues. On AOE encounters we’re slightly ahead in the Omen list but not enough further to spend 3 points there. That of course is not a law and it depends on your environment. Probably in my case that’s due to awesome tanking in my guild and the roaster is with high tps. I suppose in pugging this talent is more usefull. Inner Focus: I do multi-DoT. A lot. In fact every encounter with more than 1 target. All priest should. That’s our ‘cleave’ damage. And no, I don’t go out of mana. The one encounter I occasionally go OOM is Faction Champions on 25m Heroic. It’s very long fight which is fine by normal DPSing but, unless we got 2 priest healers, I have to cast Mass Dispell a lot which drains my mana pool. If you pay attention and not let your SW: P expires, you should be totally fine with multi-DoTing. I agree for the Inner Focus + DH combo. Even on Shadow spec this is raid-savior but unfortunately I don’t use that. I simply forget about that like it doesn’t exist. But that’s my bad. I agree on the glyphs but also, kind of irrelevant. Glyph of Dispersion is more of a safety mechanic while Glyph of Mind Sear is to keep up with the rouges and Boomkins on the DPS table on trash. Ye, SW:D while moving is mandatory. Now... DFO... Our Bible calculates the PP with SimCraft. We do not know how though. Is it on empty slots? With the rest of the BiS gear? Every item efficiency depends on the other 16 items. I’m not saying they’re wrong. But to my conclusion I ended up by simple math. We do know our coefficients are Haste = 0.98 and Critical = 0.76. These numbers are kind of constant post ToC. Let’s start with Phylactery of the Nameless Lich: 172 Critical = 172 x 0.76 = 130.72 PP 1207 SP for 20 seconds (with 1 minute proc cooldown) = 1207 x 20s / 60s = 402.33 PP Total PP 533.05 in case it procs the very moment the CD falls. That’s not the case in the real life though and we want more precise math. So: Proc chance – 30%. That means, after the CD falls you’ll need around 3.3 ticks to proc it again. With average 1 tick per 1 seconds that’s 3.3 seconds after the CD to proc it again. Now the effect formula goes 1207 x 20s / 63.3s = 381.36. Total PP of the item - 512.08 Second: Charred Twilight Scale 184 Haste = 184 x 0.98 = 180.32 PP 861 SP for 15 seconds (with 45s proc cooldown) = 861 x 15s / 60s = 215.25 PP That’s 395.57 PP before proc chance calculations. See? We’re already 100 PP behind. But let’s continue. Sadly, this one’s proc chance is only 10%. That means 10 casts. (Note that “dealing damage”, “casting damaging spell” and “casting harmful spell” are 3 different things) That’s 12 seconds average time spent on casting. End formula: 861 x 15s / 72s = 179.38. Total PP of the item – 359.70 (looks strange, right?) And third: Dislodged Foreign Object 170 Haste = 170 x 0.98 = 166.6 PP 121 SP gain each 2 seconds for 20 seconds total. Here the math is 1 idea more complicated. During seconds #1 and #2 of the proc you have 121 SP, during seconds #3 and #4 you have 242 SP and so on until seconds #19 and #20 where you have 1210 SP. On average though, during the full duration of 20 seconds, you have 665.5 SP. (math-wise it’s like you gain 665.5 SP for 20 seconds). Unfortunately that’s not the effect of Eye of the Broodmother or Illustration of the Dragon Soul and it is not permanent. It has proc cooldown and it is 45 seconds. And sadly, it also has 10% proc chance so we get the rest of the numbers from the CTS formula. At the end it looks like that: 665.5 x 20 / 72 = 184.86 PP. Total PP of the item – 351.46 Feel free to question my math but it’s solid. CTS is better than DFO with 8.24 PP which I agree is very small amount – around 15 DPS. Even irrelevant I would say. But there are also some situations you cannot calculate. I mean the proc duration – you cannot always expect to stand still and do DPS (like you mentioned Patchwerk and DB). A proc during CC or running or anything which slows down your casting speed is reduced PP proc. On the other hand a proc during Bloodlust/Heroism for example is more PP proc. But that’s hazardous and I’ve found out that passive bonus > active/proc bonus. Also driven by that idea CTS is better. (Also MOAR GS PLZ) Now, @Stoopro2, sorry, we can discuss everything, but you can’t argue with math. At least that’s my point of view and I’ll stick to it forever. PNL and DFO are the trinkets which will carry us all the way through the expansion. But if I have the .additem command I wouldn’t add myself DFO.
  10. bongo_bg

    Disable PVP pls.
  11. bongo_bg

    I just found out my stacking WG Marks for transmog may go wasted... And my set is not even obtainable yet...
  12. bongo_bg

    Inner Focus nie wpływa na efekty z upływem czasu.
  13. bongo_bg

    Sincere thanks for your answers, MrCule. This second realm is a bright light in the sky! Unfortunatelly we, NCers, missed Ulduar which is the jewelry of WotLK and I'll gladly relive it. Finally, can I ask you to ping us on Discord when there is a poll or something? For example each weekend bonuses you post on FB. We heard of it by accident in Dalaran this week. 90% of the international players hang out in Discord.
  14. bongo_bg

    Hey and thank you for the briefing. And don't worry, bad English is better than no English! As far as I've heard that's 2vs2 or 3vs3 rated arena where you queue alone and get the usual rating as you would if teamed. Do the Sunwell team thinks of implementing that? Do they ask "if" or "how"? Because both of these answers sound easy but with tons of work behind them.
  15. bongo_bg

    Hello guys, @MrCulé, I noticed an interesting topic and I'd like to get involved in it or at least take some opinions from the international part of the server as well. I tried Google Translate on the first 5 posts, couldn't understand almost anything. And in general, I don't want to sound like whining or something but sometimes I get this feeling you forget about us. I know the English speaking players dropped withing the first month but we are not completely obsolete. This forum section is kind of dead, all the good discussions are on the PL section which is very very active, you no longer use Discord for announcements and stuff and every conversation on FB is in Polish as well. Discord is kind of graveyard as well - everything is happening in #PL and #poczekalnia. Thank God Riztazz is showing some presence from time to time. I litterally can't find any place to speak with someone or read something in English unless on /g. Sorry, I know you are PL server and I'm a guest here, I've always respected that both in and out of the game but this got a bit more than it was as we moved.