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  1. Adwena

    No need , I am like the only non-polish player left so I will just Google Translate it
  2. Adwena

    Will speak openly I don't care much if it will offend anyone I will just speak out the truth and my feelings. First of all I don't understand one thing, why all the polish players completely abandon their old home - Feronis , then they went to Angrathar , I am just reading the forums there from time to time , speaking out with players and observing the stuff going on Angrathar. So you are threated like we as international community on Feronis got threated and it was not nice , your polish speaking is completely forbidden in global channels , also in RDF party chat , you get mutes or bans for that which is annoying I believe. You were complaining about Ulduar on Feronis , about the boring TOC on Feronis yet you are ready to repeat it all over again on Angrathar, so pretty much the polish players are self hurting themselves , thats masochism at its finest! I completely understand Cule , and I don't care if any of you think I am on his side or any side at all , he is right you guys as community are so damn separated from each other and the hate and level of toxicity towards your own people is incredible! My brother plays with bunch of bulgarians ( I am from Bulgaria ) on Warmane (censor it if you want) they are toxic aswell but not as the common polish player I've met here. I simply couldn't manage to understand the hate between you here , like you are trying completely screw the other person instead of playing together and experience the blizzlike enviroment together. So instead of saving Feronis and stay there with all the polish players ( yes you were complaining and making our lives a living hell on Feronis too as english speaking community) but I addapted and completely overcome your way of acting and even started to understand most of your language by simply playing still on Feronis. So there is still hope for Feronis to be somehow semi-medium populated server with 1500-2000 ppl if the polish players decide to come back and experience ICC + Ruby Sanctum soon. Or ofcourse you can stay ignorant and repeat the cycle on Angrathar , and be threated like utter trash! It is in your hands guys!
  3. Adwena

    I won't translate every comment in here so lets sum it up @MrCulé you are pretty much asking us about the closure of Feronis is that correct? So the transfer option from Feronis->Angrathar is out of the picture, and the only chance to keep our characters that still exist on Feronis is either to play on low populated server or to lose them completely by simply shutting down the realm. Correct me if I am wrong.
  4. First ,I want to state it, that this post is in no way a hate thread towards the Administration or anything of that kind! These are just my thoughts and observation of the event that happened last week and the one that just finished today "Hide and Seek". The rules were simple I get it , but as an english player I was getting these clues one step behind the other players , I understand it is polish speaking server, but providing the same oportunity to everyone is fair , right? Also the locations for the first Hide and Seek were extremely easy and really easy accessible by the alliance players. I know it was on Eastern Kingdoms , but starting from Booty Bay getting a clue "find a pirate" then find another pirate in a hidden cove was in my opinion extremely easy even tho I got these clues like 10-15 min after the other players I still managed to find the pirate between Wetlands and Arathi Highlands but that doesn't matter. As alliance player you just need to do exactly 3 steps to get there which I will talk about in this post. In such event forbiding Hearthstone use / Flight Paths use / Mage Portals or any way of porting around the continent will make it way more exciting for the players. Also the locations are way too mainstream and well known by the majority of the players. I suggest picking some special and hidden locations , also for the CLUE PROVIDING part , there is no need GM to do that manually , a simple Neutral NPC with the option to speak to it and text which provides the next clue can do the work , that way players won't get frustrated and will don't have the need to ask in world chat "Did someone find the clue , where is it etc etc..." the NPC will do its job. If players decide to cooperate between each other and give out the clue between them it is their choise , even tho it is a competition. Last but not least I really liked the Roleplay part of the event with GMs describing the clues in somehow poetic way was a nice improvement from the 1st Hide and Seek event, even tho they were a bit unclear. I roleplayed alot during the years of my WoW experience and will gladly help out the GMs with this event , because I see potential in it. It is not about the rewards it is about the challenge that can be provided to the most smart and fast people who know the Lore of the Game. My suggestions for the next event: Forbid the use of flight paths , Hearthstone , portals and teleports. Make more challenging and hidden locations. Disable the PvP during the event , if someone tries to ruin it he gets disqualified etc. I am saying it again there is a huge potential in such events , lets make them more challenging!
  5. Adwena

    Still not popping
  6. Adwena

    @Riztazz Bump.
  7. Adwena

    @Riztazz hello , did you manage to write the code for AV queue system by any chance? The event has few more days left and me and some other players were in queue for more than 8 hours yesterday and today , AV is simply never gonna pop with the 20 ally 20 horde requirement.
  8. I know the server is on its dead bed , but let us play our final days as it used to be with higher population. Back to the topic , right now the event - Children's week is going and there is an achievement that requires to get your orphan to capture AV bunker/tower , but with the current population and the requirement of 20 ally and 20 horde in order AV to pop this doesn't seems achievable at all. It is part of the meta achievement , so I am kindly asking you , to set the player requirement for AV to 5 players from each faction in order to pop , atleast during the event week , so the last of us that are still playing can achieve some stuff and have a little bit of fun. I hope my request will be granted thank you in advance!
  9. Adwena

    Your name - Adwenaqt Name of a player breaking the rules - Bosmen Date of breaking the rules - 11.04.2018 Rule that was broken - 24. Even though Sunwell is a server where majority of the playerbase is Polish, discrimination of players not coming from Poland, for example from 5-man dungeons, only because of their they aren't Polish. This is a behavior that directly damages the reputation of Sunwell. We also inform that insulting any player on the grounds of their nationality will be severely punished, along with discriminational behavior. This, of course, concerns behavior of Polish players and international players. Screenshot - The entire conversation in one screenshot -> Non-Edit screenshots : Description : The entire situation happened after I said to the tank to pick up the boss because one of the players pulled it before the tank , yet a comment on polish about me speaking english or something then kept talking about me being not polish and so on some polish chit chat didn't screenshot it cuz I saw it was not offensive (after all I am playing here for more than 6 months now and started to understand most of the words) , then I ask a simple question did any of them study english in school and is it a mendatory class , just random chatting during the dungeon to pass the time, then one of them said "learn polish its polish server" I told them I know english , its the international language to communicate , polish isn't. Yet I think that respond triggered his inner racist rage and he started with the followed up conversation from the screenshot. I don't see a problem trying to communicate and ask people if they know english or not , but going straight into cursing and insulting random people it is really a thing that is pissing me off , so as I promised in my previous reports I will keep reporting such toxic player behaviour until they learn how to threat international players like normal human beings and not being racist over nothing! Have a nice day!
  10. Adwena

    AFKing in battlegrounds has been common on many if not all private servers , but what about some kind of punishment for the people constantly afking in every game in order to leech honor and making their own teams to play with fewer people , because of their semi-afking. Even after report they just move around hit someone to reset the timer and goes back to afking(I personally consider that as abuse of the AFK kickout system you guys implemented). I am suggesting punishment for such players after providing screenshot of them AFKing + their battleground stats to prove it they are Semi-AFK. If punishment that prevents them to play don't teach them and make them change their way of playing in battlegrounds don't help then nothing will do.
  11. Adwena

    So will this level 80 BG crossfaction ever gonna happen or no ?
  12. Adwena

    Thanks for reply. I was really looking into this feature and was so excited to go back to more active PvPing , lets wait till tomorrow to see I guess.
  13. Adwena

    Did 3 Warsong Gulch battlegrounds in none of any of the WSGs I had alliance player in my team. It was always Horde vs Alliance , even in the first WSG there were 8 alliance players in queue and 4 horde players queued the game started and ended with 6 alliance vs 4 horde(why the other 2 alliance queued did not got into the 4 man horde team if crossfaction is enabled?). Because it simply isn't . Will wait for administrator to confirm the situation. (this player is farming battlegrounds litteraly everyday he would've notice alliance player on his team) (not a single alliance in the horde team)
  14. Adwena

    There are no level 80 cross BGs just Random Heroics. @colrath
  15. Adwena

    What is the point of enabling crossfaction in PVE - talking about the random heroics where everything was fine , dungeons were popping in 2-3 minutes or so , but to not implement it in 80 level battlegrounds where the real issue is taking palce? I really don't get it why are you implementing it for the 70-79 bracket only , are you aiming to ballance the PvP for 20 people and completely ignore the needs of the majority ? Because in my eyes it really looks like that , we prove it hundred of times that the level 80 PvP scene is complete mess , yet nothing is getting better , I guess 1 bg win per day for the 25 arena points is all I got to do till I get full wrathful then quit. Alot of people gave up already , I personally am on that way too. It is really frustrating to chat with people and all of them to keep telling me that the server is dying. Yet another disappointment...