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  1. Still not popping
  2. @Riztazz Bump.
  3. @Riztazz hello , did you manage to write the code for AV queue system by any chance? The event has few more days left and me and some other players were in queue for more than 8 hours yesterday and today , AV is simply never gonna pop with the 20 ally 20 horde requirement.
  4. I know the server is on its dead bed , but let us play our final days as it used to be with higher population. Back to the topic , right now the event - Children's week is going and there is an achievement that requires to get your orphan to capture AV bunker/tower , but with the current population and the requirement of 20 ally and 20 horde in order AV to pop this doesn't seems achievable at all. It is part of the meta achievement , so I am kindly asking you , to set the player requirement for AV to 5 players from each faction in order to pop , atleast during the event week , so the last of us that are still playing can achieve some stuff and have a little bit of fun. I hope my request will be granted thank you in advance!
  5. Your name - Adwenaqt Name of a player breaking the rules - Bosmen Date of breaking the rules - 11.04.2018 Rule that was broken - 24. Even though Sunwell is a server where majority of the playerbase is Polish, discrimination of players not coming from Poland, for example from 5-man dungeons, only because of their they aren't Polish. This is a behavior that directly damages the reputation of Sunwell. We also inform that insulting any player on the grounds of their nationality will be severely punished, along with discriminational behavior. This, of course, concerns behavior of Polish players and international players. Screenshot - The entire conversation in one screenshot -> Non-Edit screenshots : Description : The entire situation happened after I said to the tank to pick up the boss because one of the players pulled it before the tank , yet a comment on polish about me speaking english or something then kept talking about me being not polish and so on some polish chit chat didn't screenshot it cuz I saw it was not offensive (after all I am playing here for more than 6 months now and started to understand most of the words) , then I ask a simple question did any of them study english in school and is it a mendatory class , just random chatting during the dungeon to pass the time, then one of them said "learn polish its polish server" I told them I know english , its the international language to communicate , polish isn't. Yet I think that respond triggered his inner racist rage and he started with the followed up conversation from the screenshot. I don't see a problem trying to communicate and ask people if they know english or not , but going straight into cursing and insulting random people it is really a thing that is pissing me off , so as I promised in my previous reports I will keep reporting such toxic player behaviour until they learn how to threat international players like normal human beings and not being racist over nothing! Have a nice day!
  6. AFKing in battlegrounds has been common on many if not all private servers , but what about some kind of punishment for the people constantly afking in every game in order to leech honor and making their own teams to play with fewer people , because of their semi-afking. Even after report they just move around hit someone to reset the timer and goes back to afking(I personally consider that as abuse of the AFK kickout system you guys implemented). I am suggesting punishment for such players after providing screenshot of them AFKing + their battleground stats to prove it they are Semi-AFK. If punishment that prevents them to play don't teach them and make them change their way of playing in battlegrounds don't help then nothing will do.
  7. So will this level 80 BG crossfaction ever gonna happen or no ?
  8. Thanks for reply. I was really looking into this feature and was so excited to go back to more active PvPing , lets wait till tomorrow to see I guess.
  9. Did 3 Warsong Gulch battlegrounds in none of any of the WSGs I had alliance player in my team. It was always Horde vs Alliance , even in the first WSG there were 8 alliance players in queue and 4 horde players queued the game started and ended with 6 alliance vs 4 horde(why the other 2 alliance queued did not got into the 4 man horde team if crossfaction is enabled?). Because it simply isn't . Will wait for administrator to confirm the situation. (this player is farming battlegrounds litteraly everyday he would've notice alliance player on his team) (not a single alliance in the horde team)
  10. There are no level 80 cross BGs just Random Heroics. @colrath
  11. What is the point of enabling crossfaction in PVE - talking about the random heroics where everything was fine , dungeons were popping in 2-3 minutes or so , but to not implement it in 80 level battlegrounds where the real issue is taking palce? I really don't get it why are you implementing it for the 70-79 bracket only , are you aiming to ballance the PvP for 20 people and completely ignore the needs of the majority ? Because in my eyes it really looks like that , we prove it hundred of times that the level 80 PvP scene is complete mess , yet nothing is getting better , I guess 1 bg win per day for the 25 arena points is all I got to do till I get full wrathful then quit. Alot of people gave up already , I personally am on that way too. It is really frustrating to chat with people and all of them to keep telling me that the server is dying. Yet another disappointment...
  12. I decided to do some PvP today and the summary out of 9 battlegrounds which were 4 WSGs 1 AV 1 IOC 3 SOTAs is 0 wins 9 losses. I guess I am unlucky ,cuz always blaming it on luck seems allright(right guys?) , I also decided to see how many people were afking/leaving and the situation isn't bright guys , there were plenty of 2800-4000GS people who simply got two shotted and tilt out and either left or went to afk at graveyard. You will say "if you don't like it, don't do PvP" , but limiting the major aspect of the game doesn't seem right. Also why don't you guys make the Wintergrasp like it is on Angrathar ? Same amount of players to face the equal amount from the opposite faction and rest to get autokicked ? 20 vs 100 is no fun trust me, even with 5 Tenacity buff. So , will there be a poll regarding crossfaction battlegrounds or you will let it flow like it is right now ?
  13. I've read pretty much all of the comments here and will tell you what , soon you will play 1 battleground a day (if lucky) and will be so "satisfied" to beat the 5 undergeared people with your shiny Shadowmournes and wrathful armors that it will keep you warm until the next day for the another battleground that might eventually pop(or not). Instead of finding a solution to fix the current situation, you are turning this into another clown fiesta , which I've had enought for the past 7 months. People talking of improving and helping the others to become better , how many seasons should it take for that ? We are in the last season of the PvP on Feronis , also have in mind soon when ICC gets on farm mode this server is going to its demise , because simply thats all that the expansion can offer. People talking about lore and other essential stuff , there is no Horde vs Alliance competition on Feronis at all , 95% + winrate for one faction is no competition at all, but keep fooling yourself and refuse to open your eyes. Situation is really bad at the moment , I just played two battlegrounds 1st one started with 2 horde vs 8 alliance players (I guess we got to be some terminators to even kill one of them here) 2nd one was 8vs9 yet 3 ppl went afk after first death and 2 just left the battleground. Either work together for once and stop being blind, to make your time on the server more enjoyable or just do not try to ruin it for the others who still try to have some fun. Take notes from Angrathar , the administration kinda fixed the ballance between factions but it is still in deadly season. Here it is our last hope of changing anything to better enviroment. So think again or keep fooling yourself that it will gets better.
  14. I am begging you to implement crossfaction BG , that is the solution! I completely understand the frustration , I encountered that player behaviour alot too and it is pissing me off. Consider crossfaction I see it as the only option , the honor boost I mention was not mendatory it was just a suggestion but you are right it will make ppl push for 1-2 weeks then quit. I am up with both hands for crossfaction PvP.
  15. I am intentionally posting on the polish PvP forum section , because nobody checks the english one at all! When are you guys going to finnaly step in and find a solution for your other realm - Feronis ? I was one of the most active PvPers during relentless season and now I rarely do one battleground per week here simply , because the situation and the disballance on the realm is beyond terrible , it is real nightmare to do any kind of PvP here. Alliance will keep complaining for long battleground queues and horde soon will stop queue at all , which will result in dead of the PvP scene on Feronis. I doubt you are aiming for that... People suggested many times for crossfaction battlegrounds , that was one of the solutions , the other one was permament honor boost for the losing faction - Horde. I asked you many times on discord to provide the Win/Lose ratio statistic for the battlegrounds on Feronis which you sadly didn't provide. Litteraly everyone can confirm it is 95%+++ winratio for the alliance and just 5% or even less for the Horde. Don't you think this is a unacceptable if you want to ballance the factions? I saw the other thread and the guy that posted for the 1 hour battleground queue , soon it will be Unavailable and won't pop at all, I personally am about to puke after every battleground on Feronis, you somehow achieved ballance on Angrathar why are you putting so much effort in one of the realms and not on the other too ? Please find a solution , I don't want to see Feronis turning into "Ghost Town".