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  1. well i am doing the transmog on just one character but its still hard enough to farm the items .. now i am gonna lose the tokens too .. not a fan
  2. So if someone farmed like 150 of them for like transmogs .. especially legendary transmogs .. all goes to waste its not easy for everyone to make time and farm it tho .. can't we just get another token to switch them with it ? that 40 for one item is like 14 win at best and if you consider win rates 50 50 .. 27 WG fight .. 9 for normal items in PVE model Legendary : 60 RDF Heroic Transmog Token ➡ 40x20 minutes = 1 200 minutes; 30 BG Transmog Token ➡ 35x20 minutes = 700 minutes; 40 Mark of Wintergrasp ➡ it all depends on the faction; 5 Crusader Orb; 5000g; 1 of every epic gem.
  3. hi Cool thanks for info gj but remember mark of wintergrasp is also used in transmog ? what about that ?
  4. Hi As always exceptional work. Seems like you guys thought about everything as always i am a little afraid of blizzard shutting us down but i hope it works. Its gonna be fun and also big thanks to you guys and Riztazz Good job
  5. Hello I hope you delay it even more btw big thanks to sunwell team
  6. Hello Nice another fun event thanks guys thumps up
  7. Yeah go one version down its the same calculation
  8. Hello This is international section sir we speak english here please try polish section or bug tracker
  9. hi Thats a nice guide Thanks bongo keep up the good work I recommend using DrDamage addon its easier also if you see you got 97% chance to hit that means you are hit capped since as bongo said you get 3% from moonkin druid or shadow priest also shows more detailed stats which you might not wanna do the calculation btw this topic is in Class Discussions but when you click on it("Class Discussions") you can't see it in there its kinda weird thats why i found it kinda late
  10. Thank you Sure gathering a list but i have been lazy
  11. Issue still persist ! up
  12. I checked it with DrDamage and now its shows totally different numbers compare to what i said for example i shield for 4419 in my holy spec ( shield watch / skada) but the addon shows i should shield for 4841 now i am even more confused by this
  13. No but i will try it now
  14. Hello Dear Sunwell GMT I was doing some calculation based on For my aoe spells which i found something weird For example i got 2454 spellpower / bonus healing and i tried to do the calculation for Prayer Of Healing which these Calculations are 3 / 7 * 1.88 = 81% (3sec cast time on prayer of healing) and i got 2454 spell power unbuffed as i said ... so 2454 x 81% = 1987.74 and poh max healing done is 2651 including talents which means 2651+1987 = 4638 heal The problem is after casting Prayer of healing over 100 times i never healed more than 4292 ??!! I did some calculation for other spells too but seems like the spells with 1.5 cast time or less or instant casts are not effected and work fine for example Power word : Shield I wonder if i am missing something or calculations are wrong ? if these two calculations are wrong what about the other dps / healing spells ? Thanks