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  1. Sorenalike

    well i am doing the transmog on just one character but its still hard enough to farm the items .. now i am gonna lose the tokens too .. not a fan
  2. Sorenalike

    So if someone farmed like 150 of them for like transmogs .. especially legendary transmogs .. all goes to waste its not easy for everyone to make time and farm it tho .. can't we just get another token to switch them with it ? that 40 for one item is like 14 win at best and if you consider win rates 50 50 .. 27 WG fight .. 9 for normal items in PVE model Legendary : 60 RDF Heroic Transmog Token ➡ 40x20 minutes = 1 200 minutes; 30 BG Transmog Token ➡ 35x20 minutes = 700 minutes; 40 Mark of Wintergrasp ➡ it all depends on the faction; 5 Crusader Orb; 5000g; 1 of every epic gem.
  3. Sorenalike

    hi Cool thanks for info gj but remember mark of wintergrasp is also used in transmog ? what about that ?
  4. Sorenalike

    Hi I don't remember any increased drop rate for fragments just for some HM bosses'anyr 40% ? where did you get these numbers .. if you are talking about atlas loot pretty sure 99% drop rates are wrong they already done the nerf and Fragments drop rate is same as blizz
  5. Sorenalike

    Hi As always exceptional work. Seems like you guys thought about everything as always i am a little afraid of blizzard shutting us down but i hope it works. Its gonna be fun and also big thanks to you guys and Riztazz Good job
  6. Sorenalike

    Hey So you wanna reset mark of wintergrasp too ?> but its used in transmog
  7. Sorenalike

    this exactly happened to me last night i put a text in discord but i guess ppl thought i was joking
  8. Sorenalike

    Hi everyone knows who is the best around here ME ! KappaPride
  9. Sorenalike

    hello please don't touch the timer its working great now i dont wanna deal with afkers again
  10. Sorenalike

    Hello I hope you delay it even more btw big thanks to sunwell team
  11. Sorenalike

    hi I am pretty sure they announce even their bathroom breaks mate unless unexpected server crashes try discord too
  12. Sorenalike

    NA forum ? Kappa
  13. Sorenalike

    Hey i told you gift it to me you did not listen lunar here delete your cache folder once maybe its just visual bug
  14. Sorenalike

    Hello Well i came here from hellground before their wipe because i did not like how they were doing it and after a while blizzard got involved and now hellground / wargate is dead I have been in many private hard or fun servers since Scape-gaming i have been GM/Dev too even owned a server for a year i know how these things works and i have seen so many mistakes that caused servers die To be honest sunwell team nailed everything so far which is amazing If you want my opinion about this matter you should choose number 4 and also start a new realm and let the old realm stay where it is .. and let it fade away slowly ( if you wanna change expansions otherwise you should let current server open at least for next 2 years ) I never seen a progressive server that skips a expansion but in my experience i don't think its gonna end well ... you need to consider The lore too ( imagine patch 3.3.5a without arthas / lichking ) Also remember this .. blizzard is gonna open new classic servers so who knows how many players are gonna stay and play in private servers i also suggest that you guys take this even slower i heard some news that you guys gonna release ICC sooner than i expected
  15. Sorenalike

    thats my point and horde thinks ally is too strong