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    • [H] <Pure Luck> EU English speaking guild recruiting exceptional players to our raiding roster! Interested in recruiting all classes and specs, but looking primarily for healers and dps! Whisper me ingame for more info or if interested!

      Whisper Me, Binu or Garokna

      Hope to see you in our guild and have fun Raiding!
    • Any chance there could be a twitter FB or forum post regarding server restarts, shutdowns, or status? I've been fortunate enough to be on the server when these events have been announced so I can share with people on discord and stuff, but there will be a time where I will not be and it would be nice to be able to go to a site/social media/ forum/reddit where we could see realtime status. Anyway, just a thought.   -KFP
    • no, they said it turns to BOP from AH but i wasn't informed. i don't know if anybody was. and they also said it was initially  intentionally supposed to be BoP but they changed it after they found out it was Bind when used. i did not know this either. if there was a disclaimer, i definitely would have noticed. So i still had  the binds when used version. i think the point to take away from here is i used an item and paid for a certain item, and it changed due to Bug or whatever, and i think that because of that it should be an extenuating circumstance, i wasn't necessarily bent on selling it i was just testing the waters and maybe wanted to trade it for other valuable items  or something.
    • Hey i told you gift it to me you did not listen  lunar here   delete your cache folder once maybe its just visual bug
    • hello, i recently purchased over 6000 coins on my account, and i spent most of it on 2 [Binds When Used] Fluroescent Green mechanostriders. (this Binds when used classification is the normal item when you receive it from Sunwell store.) i Learned 1, and had the other to Sell or if i could not, i would give to Guildie for gift or even trade for a valuable item. I put the item on the auction house, a day later i canceled to change price, i got it back and it was still Binds when used.  so i put it back on the Auction house for the last attempt  and i kind of  left and forgot about it for a little bit, i had the expiration at 48 hours. well to my surprise when i got mail after a few days i opened it up and hovered my mouse over it and it said its Bind on pickup, which is completely different. (and makes the item useless for me unless i can trade it also it makes it  way less valuable overall) Now i am scared to loot it from my mailbox, i included a Pic in this topic to show its Bind on Pick up from the Auction house expiration. a good point also is to note that there is no way it would have been on the auction  house unless it was Binds When used,  if it was Binds when used from start (which i clarified it wasn't) it would have binded to me when i got it in the mail from store. (again, obviously not because i had it on auction house to begin with) Also a dilemma; i already have learned 1 as i have said, if this doesn't get at least replaced then i will have spent 3000 Sunwell coins for something i can't use. (because bugg item can't be traded) i definitely didn't intend for that, if somehow my Alt could get it that would even make me happy at this point, it was kind of expensive and i hope this can be resolved.   I turned in a ticket in-game hoping to resolve it with a GM but i only got message responses saying they can't handle it so i figured to try my luck with the forums   Please look into this as much as you can, i know there is no refunds, this wasn't a mistake to buy the mount i wanted 1 mount for learn and 1 to trade or whatever.  it was a mistake to put it on the auction house because i didn't know there was bug, i don't want a refund but maybe a replica of the item that bugged out? it shouldn't be a problem, because i can't do anything with the one that bugged out anyways. i can't learn it because i already have one (which i can prove obviously) so it is essentially useless, and im getting nothing different than what i had paid fair and square for. (< i think this is a major end point) <      is there anyway i can just get a new 1?  
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